Who we are

We’re a heavy rock/heavy metal band based in Wellington, New Zealand.


We don’t set any cookies on this website. We don’t track you from site to site across the web, as some other sites do, because where you go and what you do is none of our business – and we have no intention of changing this philosophy.

As we currently do not have a log in feature we have no need for session cookies. That will likely have to change in the future, but any cookies will be there to assist your experience on this website only. Similarly we don’t have a comments section on our site so have no need for comments cookies. Should we ever decide to allow comments to be left here, this will need to change.

Embedded content from other websites

There’s none of that here, so no other sites are implanting ‘3rd party’ cookies from this website into your device/s in order to track you and send data back to places unknown.

Data collection and who we share your data with

No one. We’re not collecting any in the first place 🙂 Not only does this give you peace of mind about your data security, it means we’re not going to lose any of your data in the unlikely event we get hacked – because there’s nothing to lose in the first place. However… when we start with merch, it’s likely we’ll embed a login page system (see Cookies section) and will take a long hard look at what data we will need to retain. We’ll be keeping this to essential data only and will also be looking hard at how to best secure it.

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